Yoast SEO Configuration in WordPress

Yoast SEO Configuration in WordPress

This article is looking at the specific configuration regarding hiding author information in WordPress in follow-up to an earlier article on improving WordPress security.

If you use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, you may discover that depending on your settings, some information, such as the author name, may be exposed in various ways on your website. This is particularly relevant if you have taken steps elsewhere to limit username enumeration.

A simple way to verify this is to visit your site, open the source code (right-click on an empty area on your site and click on “View page source”) and to search (use CTRL+F) for your “admin” username. If you find it specifically listed you may wish to change the settings below.

It may a good idea to create a new user on your WordPress site, with a subscriber role, and assign the site to this person under Site representation in your Yoast SEO settings (General > Site representation).

Yoast SEO Site Representation

In the Settings section on Crawl optimization (under Advanced) of this plugin, you may wish to enable the option to “Remove post authors feeds”. See below.

Yoast SEO Crawl Optimization

And, under Advanced > Author archives, you may wish to disable author archives altogether.

Yoast SEO Author archives


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